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How to choose a scaffold


Scaffolding is an essential tool for height work. They offer work safety. They are lightweight and easy to install, so they are the perfect solution for performing restoration work.


Before buying a scaffold you have to think about all the activities you can use. If you work inside the house and use the scaffolding to give your lime, for example, you need a small scaffold adapted to the heights corresponding to the interior spaces.


If you use it outdoors, you can choose between different types of scaffolding, depending on the height you need to reach. Some are extensible, they can be used for high-rise works, others can be dismantled to use their parts as independent ladders.


The weight of the scaffolding and the ease with which it is transported and stored are also important. Scaffolding has to adapt to your storage space. Frameworks Srl offers lightweight, easy-to-move, easy-to-install scaffolds. They are also safe and durable and take up little space after dismantling.


The key elements of the scaffolding


Before choosing a model or another you have to keep in mind these aspects:


Weight: The weight of the scaffolding is a feature that must be taken into account in order to be able to handle it easily without its stability being affected. Most scaffolds are made of steel and aluminum, with a sturdy and solid structure.


Maneuverability: Modular scaffolding systems make it easy to transport from the store to the home. Once installed, the scaffolding must be easily moved to different locations. All the models provided by the Wheels have wheels so that the scaffolding can be moved from one side to another without having to be dismantled. These can be blocked during work.


Resistance and sustained load capacity: A mobile scaffolding must be chosen taking into account the maximum capacity it can support. The platform can not be overloaded. Therefore, you need to check the maximum capacity you have and purchase it with this in mind.


Storage: Scaffolding is a durable tool in the long run and you can use it in multiple business areas. You have to disassemble it in an organized way and store it after cleaning all its components. It is best to store it in a dry and dark place.


Maximum stability


Stability bars and sleepers are the ones that provide reliability to the scaffolding structure. They must be placed correctly. Depending on the height, you must have one or two horizontal bars at the bottom and also one or two at the top. There may also be horizontal horizontal bars. The maximum stability is given by the transverse bars placed diagonally at different heights, depending on the maximum scaffold height.


Types of mobile scaffolding


Frameworks Srl offers its customers a wide range of mobile scaffolding. The company can offer professional ProTUBE S and L aluminum scaffolds, folding multifunction scaffoldings, multi-platform scaffolds, multi-function scaffolds, extensible modular scaffolds, etc. The wide range of certified quality scaffolding allows you to find the scaffolding you need.


Maximum security


When working at high heights, you must exercise caution, since any mistake can cause a more or less serious accident. You must use protective gear every time you board the scaffold.


The scaffolding should always be placed on the ground and be stable to withstand the force of wind and rain. The work platform must be non-slip and well closed to prevent slipping. The protective railing is indispensable for working at a height. If necessary, be equipped with seat belts. Platforms should never be overloaded. Do not use various objects on scaffolding to increase height.


Contact the Frameworks Srl specialists to give you more information about the scaffolding you need. They are ready to give you all the details about the products.


If you also need other commercial and industrial products, you should know that this company delivers and sells at the national level and shelves shop, racks, storage, metal racks, miniplatform, platform ladders, equipment and accessories store and many other useful products.


Do not hesitate to buy the best solutions to make your business more efficient.

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