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Industrial mini-platforms and platform are widely used in various business areas, and therefore they have to meet multiple conditions at the same time: easy to use, deliver maximum productivity and yield, but also be safe for operator. By choosing the Cagsan industrial platforms that are marketed and delivered to Romania by Frameworks SRL, you will quickly see that they meet all these conditions, not to mention that they meet the standards of quality or safety. Obviously, because we are talking about industrial platforms, they are primarily aimed at professionals.

Industrial platforms demonstrate their usefulness especially when used for high-storey warehouses with diversified picking goods where locating and fast access are essential. They are specially designed for personalized production according to your projects and requests or the company. After submitting the requirements and requirements, the technical drawings of the product are prepared and presented together with the offer. The height of the platform can be easily adjusted and the platform is reinforced by special profiles fitted with locking wheels.

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FrameWorks SRL commercializes a wide range of metallic shelves for commercial and industrial spaces, professional aluminum ladders, height-adjustable mobile scaffolding, multifunctional ladders with two or three sections. Frameworks SRL is the exclusive representative in Romania of the Cagsan brand, recognized in the field of aluminum ladders and mobile platforms. The products manufactured by Cagsan are certified, re...
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